January 8, 2010

Gaza Remembrance DIE-IN Trafalgar Square 16th January 2010 AT 1 PM
1417 is not just a number! It's men, women and children. It's PEOPLE like you and me. It's mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers. It's the people who DIED to quench Israel's thirst for domination of the Palestinian people by any means including war. Let these people be remembered and let Israel be shamed for its assault on GAZA.
Join us as we stage a die-in to remember those that died. We can send a clear message to Israel and the world that we won't let the massacres be forgotten.
Where the British Government maintain a sickening silence we will condemn Israel's crimes against hmanity and Israel's slaughter of the besieged people of Gaza.
We want to have at least 1417 people there to represent those that died during the Israeli onslaught
Wear red and white (and if you like bring visual accessories to symbolize the atrocity and/or promote the call to boycott Israel)
We will be giving people names to hold of the 1417 people that died.
It's not in any way a requirement but if you want to sign up on our website or drop us an email, it will give us an idea of numbers.


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